Captivating jazz, RnB, and blues Chloe Jean – Fairy Tale Fail

Captivating jazz, RnB, and blues Chloe Jean – FAIRY TALE FAIL:  Fairy Tale Fail” is one of the tracks from Chloe Jean’s album, which provides a beautiful musical journey filled with jazz, R&B, and blues influences. The artist creates a tapestry of soundscapes and melodies throughout the entire album that can transport the listener to sophisticated and romantic dinner settings. 

One notable aspect employed in the track is Chloe’s use of wordless scatting that elicits goosebumps and captivates the audience with its emotional delivery. In addition, her exceptional musicianship, especially her effortlessly bluesy melisma, shines in the entire album. By layering fewer musical instruments, she lets her vocals shine while adding depth and an airy vibe to the track.

The lyricism is also worth mentioning. That is because the song’s lyrics are relatable and can resonate particularly with those who have endured relationship difficulties. Moreover, the combination of her voice and the raw lyrics provides solace to the listener while creating a captivating listening experience.

Chloe Jean’s vocal range, which effortlessly ranges from high to low notes throughout the song, is a notable aspect of the composition, as it adds an intriguing and graceful progression to the overall composition. Her decision to employ a few vocal layers increases the song’s authenticity and emotional impact.

“Fairy Tale Fail” is just one track on Chloe Jean’s “Fairy Tale Fail” album, which blends various musical elements seamlessly. And the seamless blend of these elements results in a musical journey for the audience that is both unified and harmonious. This album displays Chloe’s artistic prowess and dedication to creating emotionally-charged music.  Here’s a totally intriguing live performance of Chloe’s original, “Crazy“, that will give you a good look at her style…

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The album, including “Fairy Tale Fail,” is available on various platforms, including her website, Spotify, YouTube, and other streaming services. Chloe Jean’s album is a worthy addition to the playlists of music enthusiasts desiring a refreshing and evocative listening experience.

In May 2023, Chloe released an album titled, Fairy Tale Fail. Produced by famed guitarist, RAY OBIEDO, this record is Chloe’s first foray into jazz. Her R&B background lends a unique take on standards like “Blue Skies”, “Cry me a River” and “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.” Chloe’s original tunes draw from her experiences in both heart-ache and love.

The sidemen on this release are notable. Santana keyboardist DAVID K. MATHEWS, Tower of Power bassist MARC VAN WAGENINGEN and percussionist PETER MICHAEL ESCOVEDO are all featured on the record. The rhythm section also combined the talents of keyboardist PETER HORVATH, Hamilton bassist DAN FEISZLI, drummers BILLY JOHNSON and JASON LEWIS, and features solos by flugelhornist MIKE OLMOS, saxophonists NORBERT STACHEL and CHARLES McNEAL.

Check the album out on Chloe’s Bandcamp page for the release, below…

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