Amazing strangely beautiful artistry Chris Opperman and Kurt Morgan – Chamber Music From Hell

Amazing strangely beautiful artistry Chris Opperman and Kurt Morgan – CHAMBER MUSIC FROM HELL:  Composer, virtuoso pianist and orchestrator Chris Opperman and bassist, composer, and producer Kurt Morgan called in some high-talent players, including guitarist Mike Keneally, drummer Ryan Brown, cellist Brianna Tagliaferro, trombonist/Tromotizer Jason Camelio, and the New Jersey Percussion Ensemble to aid them in their amazing strangely  beautiful artistry for the 21st Century… take a look at the trailer they created for the album first…

…you’ll find many more exciting performances and videos when you SUBSCRIBE to the Chris Opperman YouTube channel… if you’re a zealous Zappa fan (or freak), this is a MUST.

I would strongly advise that you set aside a full HOUR, so you can sit down and listen to this (on first sitting, anyway) with your headphones on… when you do that, you’ll (immediately) realize the genius involved on compositions like “Waking Up“… almost like trudgin’ across the tundra into a vibrant sunrise… DJ’s are gonna’ love this 4:30 orchestral master-work!  A very nice video for it is available, too…

Their significant storytelling skills are completely evident on pieces like “How I Hate the Night“… a spooky AI croons lullabies against superb percussive visions that will make you wonder how YOU ever made it through a night, too, lol.  If you’re familiar with F.Z.’s “Jazz From Hell” album, you may find some similarities to it on this fine piece of music.

It took two listens through the entire 35 songs to make my choice for personal favorite… the 5:39  “The Black Ball” is the longest performance on the album, and will take you to the furthest reaches of “out there“… the percussion just DRIVES the piece, and the swirling changes will hold you spellbound… without question, the best full-tilt orchestral wizardry I have listened to (yet) in 2020!

I give Chris, Kurt and all their players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with a (perfect) “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 5.00… that means they also get my “PICK” for “best futuristic performances”.  Get more information on the Chris Opperman website.                                           Rotcod Zzaj

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