Absolutely astounding Coleman jazz tribute Chris Pasin – Ornettiquette

Absolutely astounding Coleman jazz tribute Chris Pasin

Absolutely astounding Coleman jazz tribute Chris Pasin – ORNETTIQUETTE:  I’ve been a BIG fan of Chris Pasin’s trumpet work for a long time, but this new release with his band “Ornettiquette” (Chris Pasin trumpet, Karl Berger vibraphone, piano, Ingrid Sertso vocals, Harvey Sorgen drums, Michael Bisio bass, Adam Siegel alto saxophone) takes listeners in exciting new directions… I especially loved tunes like the 9:19 “Jayne” (samples aren’t quite ready yet, as the album doesn’t officially release until 21 October, 2018)… Bisio’s bass lead-in on this tune is excellent, but each of the players gets their turn to shine – & they are BRILLIANT!

I “got my start“, so to speak, with Chris’s “Detour Ahead” album, way back in issue # 94…. high marks on that album, to be sure, but tunes like the 5:29 “When Will the Blues Leave” on this new release show new dimensions… Ingrid’s vocal on this one just ROCKS, folks… it’s difficult to weave vocals in with the kind of jazz Ornette played, but Chris and his well-seasoned band pull it off magically… if I were on the awards panels for “out there jazz vocals” – this would WIN.

If you dig ice-cold “chill” as part of your jazz listening regime, you’ll find the 6:10 “Lonely Woman” absolutely electrifying… make sure you’ve got your headphones on for this one, though, as there are multiple moods to absorb…

The performance that won my vote for personal favorite of the eight (long) tunes offered up, though, is the 6:09 opener, “OCDC”… after the short intro, the band digs down deep into the jazz spirit… by the end of the tune, you’ll be jumpin’ with jazz joy, I’ve no doubt!

I give Chris and his excellent crew of professional players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this superb tribute album.  Get more information on Chris’s page for the release.         Rotcod Zzaj


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