Go Go Go: The Winehouse Experience is Powerful, Moving – Live on Tour

Sarah Meyer reviews The Winehouse Experience, Live at The Catalina Jazz Club 

Nestled in a discreet building in the middle of Hollywood sits a musical oasis known as the Catalina Jazz Club. For nearly 37 years the club has been offering patrons world-class musical entertainment, and it’s been a welcome haven for musicians, too. The club was founded by Catalina Popescu and her husband Bob with the intention of blending music and delicious food in a cozy supper club setting. While Ms. Popescu has always believed Jazz is a way of life – the club openly celebrates many genres of music, from Broadway to R’n’B and soul, and beyond.

One of the most well-known ladies who smoothly blended jazz with R’n’B and soul is the late Amy Winehouse. In her short 27 years of life, Amy created music that truly moved people. She could help you work through feelings of heartache or simply encourage you to stand strong. Her powerful voice and even more powerful lyrics easily did that. While her music certainly lives on, it’s wonderful to see new life breathed into it by fabulous cover bands, who perform her hits live–and one of the best is The Winehouse Experience.

Fronted by the talented Mia Karter, who sounds eerily like Miss Winehouse, the band plays Amy’s best songs, as well as songs from artists she was inspired by, and songs they think represent who Winehouse was. Backing Miss Karter is a 6-piece band and 2 back-up singers/dancers. And let me tell you, this group knows how to put on one heck of a show!

They played the Catalina Jazz Club for one night only on April 21, 2024 and had everyone in the audience clapping, dancing, smiling, and at times, crying. That’s the power of music, it can move you through every emotion. The Winehouse Experience packs a punch in the time they have on stage. The instrumentalists are fabulous masters of their craft, and the singers/dancers were pure joy, adding a light-hearted addition to the show. They had moves that would “wow” Amy Winehouse herself. As a collective band, they represented the spirit of Winehouse and her music, while bringing plenty of their own artistic flair.

Mia Kartner on stage in black dress and beehive ala Amy Winehouse
Mia Karter on stage at the Catalina Jazz Club in The Winehouse Experience, on tour now in the U.S.; photo by Sarah Meyer.

Music is about finding common ground and connection, which you can always do at the Catalina Jazz Club. No matter who is performing or who is attending, you are guaranteed a good night when you visit this legendary spot in the heart of Hollywood! To learn more about the club, to see a full schedule of performances and to reserve a table, visit CatalinaJazzClub.com.

Learn more about The Winehouse Experience and its members here.

Check out Mia Karter’s collection of captivating performance videos at various venues: https://www.youtube.com/@MiaKarterTheHits

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