Uplifting Piano review: Ray Lyon – Trinity One

Uplifting Piano  Ray Lyon – TRINITY ONE:  Long-time readers here will already know that my own instrument (when I used to play) is piano/synth, and nothing gets my blood going more than high-talent piano, like what you’ll hear on tunes like Ray’s stunning synth work on “Ezekiel’s Wheels“… when you put that together with bass from world-renowned bassist Jimmy Haslip and drums by Bill Berg, you’ve got a musical experience that just can’t be beat (I listen to this tune over & OVER again… yes, it’s that good)!

If you’re looking for something “down & funk-filled”, you’ll totally dig “When Weak Is Strong“… the keyword here is “swirly”, methinks, and the length of the track is “just right” at 5:35; a totally engaging piece of musical magic.  For those who desire a bit of solitude and reflection, you won’t find a better song for that than the smooth & mellow “In The Day Of Small Things” – simple, but surely among the best of laid-back piano works I’ve heard (in a long time).

The thing that’s most notable about Ray’s beautiful music is that it can’t be “pigeonholed”; he plays in a variety of styles, with a style both alluring and full of life, as you’ll hear on my personal favorite of the eight great songs offered up… “Odd Dance” is VERY much different than you’re used to hearing from piano acts, I’ll tell you… after a gentle keyboard intro (right at the 1-minute mark), Jimmy and Bill join in, and the tune takes off into the etherspace… not so “oddly” that the listener turns off, but cosmic, nonetheless – SUPERB song!  I give Ray and his cohorts a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99.  Get more information on Ray’s own page for this wonderful album.          Rotcod Zzaj