Truly unique fusion Charu Suri – Rags & Ragas

Truly unique fusion Charu Suri – RAGS & RAGAS:  A lot of times, when an artist or publicist states that the music is “perhaps the very first” of it’s kind, it sets off an alarm in my head, lol… but pianist Charu and her friends definitely give you the kind of truly unique fusion you’ve been yearning for all these years.  I (most strongly) suggest that you watch the teaser video below to see them in intimate studio action…

I will go so far as to predict that this wonderful upcoming release is going to win awards… and that’s after over 30 years of reviewing… what these folks are creating is THE stuff, folks!

In addition to Charu’s superb piano, you’ll hear Joe Lastie (drums), Steve Gadd (drums: Raga Bhairavi, Hemant), John Patitucci (bass), Kobi Arad (soloist, Raga Rag No.1), Berta Moreno (saxophone) and Charlie Sabach (Oud)… you can get more information on Charu’s website.  The release will happen during the first week of September, 2023.

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