Triumphant soulful violin beauty Kim Angelis – Passages

Triumphant soulful violin beauty Kim Angelis

Triumphant soulful violin beauty Kim Angelis – PASSAGES:   After some severe personal trials, violinist Kim Angelis has released one of the most triumphant soulful violin albums you will ever listen to; though many of the compositions she offers up have solid roots in classical, she transcends labeling and gives you music that reveal her true passion for music.  Though you won’t find a lot of live performances, many of her previous albums, as well as this new release, are available for your aural enjoyment when you SUBSCRIBE to her YouTube topic channel (as I did).

Kim’s mastery of the violin is strongly complimented by her players, too… Mitch Forman on piano, JP Mourao on guitar, Carol Robbins on classical harp, Will Philips on percussion, Jimmy Johnson on bass, Jimmy Mahlis on oud, Brandon Fields on flute and clarinet, and Elliot “Dadisi” Bergman on kalimba are all highly talented players, as you’ll hear on the wonderful 5:27 “Sweet Botswana“… you’ll hear the spirits of Africa coming to life as you listen to this very evenly paced song!

A track title like “Eagles” may bring visions of those elegant birds “rising above” – and that would be totally accurate… after a sweet introduction featuring violin and piano, the song begins to soar at about the 2:03 mark as the other instruments merge in to elevate your spirit to new and exciting vistas of triumph.

The opener for the album, “Lavender Farm“, will have you coming back again and again… I have no doubt that this high-energy and full-bodied performance will be nominated for (and WIN) awards in 2020!

It was (without question) the vibrancy (as well as the somewhat dark tones of the introduction) on the 5:35 “Lost & Found” that made it my choice for personal favorite of the nine aural adventures Kim has offered up for your enjoyment and sonic pleasure.  The length of this piece is perfect for airplay, too, and I expect you’ll be hearing this one played by DJ’s all around the globe.

I give Kim and her high-talent players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this great album.  Get more information about her on Kim’s website.                 Rotcod Zzaj

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