Tantalizing tango mastery Yulia Musayelyan Tango Project – Oblivion

Tantalizing tango mastery Yulia Musayelyan Tango Project

Tantalizing tango mastery Yulia Musayelyan Tango Project – OBLIVION:   This is my first listen to flutist/vocalist Yulia’s work, and I can tell you that her upcoming (5 February, 2021) release demonstrates tantalizing tango mastery that you won’t find elsewhere; here’s an older duet that features her on bass flute…

You’ll also find a whole host of other videos to enjoy when you SUBSCRIBE to Yulia’s YouTube channel… I signed up right away.

You won’t find samples available for a few days yet, but I can vouch for tunes like the marvelous 4:35 “Flor de Lino” being among the most lively tango-based performances you’ll every listen to… DJ’s with a bent towards Latin music will love this one!

Yulia provides some lovely vocals on “Como Dos Extraños” (Like Two Strangers), then puts her magical flute tones in service to most memorable memories… I loved this gently swaying tune, and I have no doubt you will, too.

Darker and sadder tones fill the title track, “Oblivion”, that will keep you in suspense, especially as the piano and flute solos are put in the forefront… some of the most mellow music you’ll listen to in 2021!

The intricate interactions between Yulia’s flute, the piano and bass made it my personal favorite of the eleven exciting tunes offered up… absolutely lively and lovely music that will bring your day to life.

I give Yulia and all her players (Yulia Musayelyan – flute, voice #5 , bass flute; Maxim Lubarsky – piano; Fernando Huergo – bass and Mark Walker – drums) a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98.  Get more information on the Zoho Records page for the album.                           Rotcod Zzaj

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