Superb jazz trumpet review: Carol Morgan – Post Cool, Vol 1

Superb jazz trumpet Carol Morgan – POST COOL, VOL 1:  In addition to Carol’s excellent trumpet work, you’ll get to hear Joel Frahm’s tenor sax, Martin Wind doing bass and Matt Wilson on drums (most of those players have been reviewed here before, too, in one context or another).  It’s been a while since I reviewed Carol’s work in issue # 136, and that one was a totally different context – this current group’s rendition of “A Night in Tunisia” is super-cool, and brings back memories (for this writer, anyway) of many a night spent in the dark jazz cellars in Frankfurt, Germany… the recording is ultra-crisp, but make sure you listen with your headphones on (at least for the first sitting) so you can catch every little jazzified nuance of their playing together…. a totally free and spontaneous play that comes as close as you can get to raw improvisation (something near & dear to this “former player’s” heart)!

The elegantly played “Song For Mom” very clearly demonstrates how intricately these four are woven together, and creates a mood that will inspire you to remember the good (and bad) times in your own life… a solid piece of music that will be played over & over again.

It was the lively & upbeat opener, “Strollin’“, that captured my vote for personal favorite of the six songs offered up for your aural enjoyment, though… it only clocks in at 5:30, but really displays talent and a kind of musical unity that you’ll seldom find on today’s recordings.  I give Carol & her krew a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this stellar listening experience.  Get more information, & purchase the CD (or the tracks) at Carol’s page for the album.        Rotcod Zzaj

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