Soulful spirited organ guitar jazz Moore-McColl Jazz Society – Electric Fantastic

Soulful spirited organ guitar jazz Moore-McColl Jazz Society

Soulful spirited organ guitar jazz Moore-McColl Jazz Society – ELECTRIC FANTASTIC:  This totally soulful & spirited organ guitar jazz debut is one of those albums that only comes along once in a decade (or two, for that matter)… before I attempt to put my feelings about their music into words, I want you to watch them perform the album opener, “Electric Fantastic“, in live/studio mode…

…if you can’t see why I’m SO excited by their musical genius, you’re “different” than I am, that’s for sure… be sure you SUBSCRIBE to The Moore-McColl Jazz Society YouTube channel while you’re there, too – I did it right away (and I expect you’ll be seeing a LOT more content there soon).

Beth Moore (vocals, piano, organ) and Chance McColl (electric guitar, vocals) wrote all but two of the nine spectacular tunes, and are joined by a stellar cast of players too long to itemize here… you’ll hear that excellence when you scope out the down-home funky blues on Chance’s original, “If You Really Loved Me“; & there’s a good reason why it sounds like “southern” blues… ‘coz they’re from Hot-lanta, one of the best spots in the country for this kind of music.  DJ’s will be programming this song for constant rotation, I’ve no doubt!

Beth’s soul-stirring vocal introduction to her original, “Like A Symphony“, segues ever-so-beautifully into one of the most upbeat tunes you’ll hear in 2020 (or for that matter, in 2021)… her spirit just SHINES through on this performance, people.

Beth and Chance mutually wrote my personal favorite of the nine… “Blues For Lonnie Williams” has all the elements you could want in a blues tune with solid jazz roots… if I were on the “awards” panel, they would definitely be recommended (and would WIN) for this stirring song… yeah, it’s THAT good!

I give Beth, Chance and all the players in Moore-McColl Jazz Society a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with a (perfect) “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 5.00… which means, of course, that they also get a “PICK” from me for “most soulful and spirited organ guitar jazz album”.  Get more information on The Moore-McColl Jazz Society website.                                        Rotcod Zzaj

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