Sensitively sweet dream project Dave Stryker – As We Are

Sensitively sweet dream project Dave Stryker

Sensitively sweet dream project Dave Stryker – AS WE ARE:  I’ve reviewed Dave’s superb guitar work so many times, I can’t count them… always new, always refreshing, and his new (January, 2022) sensitively sweet dream project is certainly among the very best I’ve ever heard him do… take a peek and a listen first…

Featuring John Patitucci, Brian Blade, Julian Shore, and String Quartet led by Sara Caswell, the album is totally unique, especially on songs like the 7:17 “One Thing At A Time“… the aforementioned string quartet takes this a “level above”… don’t get me wrong, it’s still solid jazz, but it’s not like anything you’ve ever heard Dave do.

Stations and DJ’s of many different persuasions will be plugging the title track, “As We Were” into playlists over and over again… as the strings introduce the tune, you’ll think it’s a chamber music session, but when Dave’s solo guitar takes the lead, you’ll find yourself being calmed and caressed by his sweet tones!

The closer, “Soul Friend“, is performed at a leisurely pace that all will enjoy… the tune will become one of your favorites, I’ve no doubt.

There was (absolutely) no question what my choice for personal favorite of the nine (long) tunes offered up would be… Dave’s original “Hope” gives you just that… a vision of a better future for us all together.  This is another song that will be getting repeat airplay all around the globe!

Dave and his players get a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this wonderful and unique album.  Get more information on Dave’s website as it becomes available.                     Rotcod Zzaj

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