Scintillating spoken word Benjamin Boone – Caught In The Rhythm new release

Scintillating spoken word Benjamin Boone – CAUGHT IN THE RHYTHM:  There are always albums that stand out for me, and that’s particularly true for those that incorporate the tradition of scintillating spoken word.  Saxophonist, composer, and Fulbright scholar Benjamin Boone is an absolute genius at making sure the listener is treated to a virtual plethora of spoken word and jazz… I’ll let him tell you in his own words, though…

The album hits the streets on 15 September, 2023, and if you’re a fan of elegant and invigorating spoken word/jazz, you’ll want to get it as soon as you can… to see the extensive player list, visit the Origin Records page for this gem!

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You can also pre-order the album direct from the artist on Benjamin’s Bandcamp page for the album, below:

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