Roots great jazz Bryant Fabian Marsalis – Do For You

Roots great jazz

Roots great jazz Bryant Fabian Marsalis – DO FOR YOU:  When I see a name like Marsalis on the CD jacket, I’ve no doubt that I’ll be hearing jazz that’s got “family” behind it, and though this is my first listen to Jason’s solid drum work, Lance Bryant’s superb tenor sax and vocals and beautiful bass from Christian Fabian, I know I was right!  Just scope out the bouncing sax lines on “The Cat Hatter“, and you’ll hear what I mean… oh – be sure to do it with your headphones on, at least for your first sitting.

Splendid drum intro on “Weather Forecast“, and the tune emerges, you’ll find yourself up and dancing until the cows ALL come home… some of the tightest playing you’ll hear in 2017 – guaranteed!  The fact that these are original pieces adds to the depth of the playing; of course, those who read my reviews regularly know that I consider originals to contain the highest energy quotients in music today!

If you love vocal jazz, you’ll easily settle in to the bluesy aura Lance establishes on “Of A Certain Age“, with fine organ backing by Gates Thomas… perfect jazz for cruising on down the road in your hipster Cadillac, ha! ha!

It was the perfect balance on Jason’s “Never Again” that made it my personal favorite of the ten great tunes offered up… THIS is the track that I synced to my iPhone for constant play in my GTO… I give this splendid jazz set a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98.  Check out Christian’s website to get more information.        Rotcod Zzaj

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