Rain Man – Tony Adamo

Rain Man

Look – up in th’ sky; it’s a BIRD… it’s a PLANE… ah, naw, mang, it’s just the “Rain Man”, my pal Tony Roc Adamo, performin’ some of the absolutely COOLEST original music/lyrics he’s done to date!  & I know, man… ’cause I’ve reviewed 100’s of his “hip-spoken-word” songs – most recently in issue # 154, & I can tell you, peepz’, this is the coolest video I’ve seen from Tony yet!  You should definitely read that review, & also you should check him out on YouTube… he’s all OVER it, like on his “Gale Blowin’ High“..

It’s like he’s doin’ a combo of the down&dirty blues, the hippest spoken-word & created some truly great graphics & music to go with it.  Just watch & listen below, & I have no doubt you’ll agree (if yer’ HIP, that is):

It doesn’t hurt that he’s got some great players with him – Wayne Delacruz on organ, Chris Pimentel doing guitar, and Barry Schiffman playing  drums!  You can really expect more from this highly creative and high-talent vocalist, I’ll tell you. 

To learn more about my personal favorite “hip-spoken-word” artist on the globe, scope out my INTERVIEW with Tony!  It don’t GET any hipper than this!