Modern highly original contemporary jazz Matt Panayides – Field Theory

Modern highly original contemporary jazz Matt Panayides

Modern highly original contemporary jazz Matt Panayides – FIELD THEORY:  I’ve actually been impressed by Matt’s stellar guitar work for some time now… I first reviewed his work on his “Tapestries of Song” album many years ago; I’m even more stunned as I listen to his new release and its modern highly original contemporary jazz… check the group out in a live setting first (Matt Panayides -guitar and comp, Matt Vashlishan -wind synth, Rich Perry-tenor sax, Bob Sabin-bass and Mark Ferber-drums)….

You’ll find a LOT more exciting performances when you SUBSCRIBE to Matt’s YouTube channel – I did it right away.

The samples aren’t quite available yet (the album doesn’t officially release until 9 April, 2021), but the links will take you to the right page for amazingly creative songs like “Energy Mover” when the album goes hot… Matt’s guitar solos on this piece will just blow you away… jazz DJ’s are gonna’ LOVE this tune!

If you dig your jazz in “upbeat” mode, you’ll find the 6:35 opener, “Kite Flying“, very much to your liking… within the first two bars, you’ll have visions of the magic of soaring in the sunshine… I just loved this tune.

Self Narrative“, the closer, starts off closer to what I heard earlier from Matt, with lots of acoustic, but he blends in many different tonal colors to keep the jazz diverse for you… this is (without question) my personal favorite of the dozen high-energy originals offered up for our jazz journey!

I give Matt and all his players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98 for this most desirable jazz experience… get more information on Matt’s new music page.                            Rotcod Zzaj

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