Harmonic trio jazz Eric Jacobson Pamela York Clay Schaub – Hindsight

Harmonic trio jazz
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Harmonic trio jazz Eric Jacobson Pamela York Clay Schaub – HINDSIGHT:  This recent release (it hit the street officially on 20 October, 2023) is some of the most harmonic trio jazz I’ve ever listened to… I have little doubt you will fall in love with Eric’s trumpet, Pamela’s piano and Clay’s bass as quickly as I did.  Though this performance is from over a year ago, it will give you an intimate look at the trio’s total talent style…

You’ll also find a few other performances to enjoy when you SUBSCRIBE to Pamela’s YouTube channel.

The expressive extravagance on the 5:14 “Theme for Ernie” certainly makes it an easy listen, and one of the most lush performances I’ve heard (yet) in 2023.  There was no doubt in my mind after my first listen through the entire album that the 6:27 “Blues for Change” would be my choice for personal favorite of the ten tunes offered up… the recording is excellent, and each player reaches out to you and digs down deep to touch your soul!

Whether you’re a truly dedicated jazz fan or a “newbie“, you’ll find this trio’s elegant style absolutely engaging… you can get this one in either digital or CD format on the group’s Bandcamp page for this release.  It’s MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99.