Exciting modern big band jazz Ian Charleton Big Band – A Fresh Perspective

Exciting modern big band jazz Ian Charleton Big Band

Exciting modern big band jazz Ian Charleton Big Band – A FRESH PERSPECTIVE:  If you’re a fan of high-energy jazz, and need an adjustment to your outlook, you need look no further than composer/arranger Ian Charleton’s exciting & modern big band jazz… he’s got a hefty lineup of players (Leader/Arranger Ian Charleton, saxophones: Richard Garcia: alto/soprano sax (Lead), Jason Hammers: alto sax, Keith Philbrick: tenor sax, Michael Ferrante: tenor sax, David Fatek: baritone sax, trumpet and flugelhorn Mark Oates (Lead), Pete Sutorius, Mark Nixon, Kerry Moffit, trombones John Lloyd (Lead), Lisa Drefke, Carl Lundgren, Dandrick Glenn (bass), Rhythm Emily Charleton (vocals), Bart Kuebler (piano), Wes Wagner (guitar), Ryan Persaud (bass), Bob Habib (drums))… they will thrill you with tunes like the 4:43 “El Otono” (samples not available until just before the 16 March, 2021 release date)… some EXCELLENT horn arrangements on this performance.

I predict that DJ’s will be plugging Ian’s version of Irving Berlin’s “Blue Skies” into regular rotations around the world… superb vocals from Emily make it the kind of tune that will just “stick in your head”!

Ian’s original “Sunday Morning” will take you down memory lane over coffee (or tea, perhaps) and croissants in the kitchen nook… mellow, laid-back, yet full of the joy of living life.

I had no doubt after my first listen through the entire ten-song album that it was the lively closer, “Party on Park”, that would be my choice for personal favorite… Ian composed this original, too; the energy is raw and will transport you to higher realms, no doubt!

I give Ian and his players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this fully professional album.  Get more information on Ian’s page as it becomes available.                 Rotcod Zzaj

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