Enchanting inspiring affirmative jazz Carol Albert – Stronger Now

Enchanting inspiring affirmative jazz Carol Albert

Enchanting inspiring affirmative jazz Carol Albert – STRONGER NOW:  When I reviewed Carol Albert’s “Fly Away Butterfly” in 2017, I was totally blown away by her strength and energy… her new release (due in January, 2020) is even more stunning, as you’ll see when you view her promo video of the title track, “Stronger Now” (I’ll come back and add the samples when I’m told it’s gone live), from the upcoming album…

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In addition to Carol’s wonderful piano, vocals and arrangements, you’ll hear Paul Brown (guitar), Dan Baraszu (guitar), Lil John Roberts (drums), Jay Williams (drums), Sam Sims (bass), Ragan Whiteside (flute), Magdalena Chovancova (sax), Joseph Patrick Moore (bass) the high energy on tunes like “Femme Flight” will make it an “instant hit” for you, I’ve no doubt – the flute on this piece is totally magic… this tune earned a place on my iPhone playlist (which doesn’t happen with many)!

One of the most enchanting things about Carol’s music is her sweet vocal work… as you listen to “I Am Fine”, you’ll realize (right away) why I say that… the song will inspire you, no matter how low you may feel.

The guitar intro for the closer, “‘Till We Meet Again”, along with the shimmering vocals and arrangements, made it my personal favorite of the ten songs Carol offers up for your aural enjoyment… simple structure, but total sonic magic!

I give Carol and her players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this wonderfully inspiring album.  Get more information on Carol’s website.             Rotcod Zzaj

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