Bob Mundy strong jazz vocals Bob Mundy – Love To Me

Bob Mundy strong jazz vocals

Bob Mundy strong jazz vocals Bob Mundy – LOVE TO ME:  You’ll have to read the player list that supports Bob’s excellent jazz vocal work in his EPK… suffice it to say that it’s extensive!  All you have to do is listen to his performance on “Getting Beyond Goodbye” to know that you’re listening to one of today’s best male jazz vocalists (song links will go LIVE on the release date, 2 October, 2017)!  He’s got a vibrato in some of these songs that’s pure perfection, and knows how to use it to wrap you up & put you under his spell!

I reviewed him back in issue # 154 on his “Something Beautiful” album, and his performances are even more crisp and lively on “Love To Me” than the earlier album was (even though he got good marks there).  Bob says (in the promo sheet) that “jazz is a real passion” for him, and he certainly proves that on the opener, “You Wanna Bet“… this tune really moves, & will have you up and dancing by the second bar – guaranteed.

My personal favorite of the thirteen songs Bob has offered up for your jazz vocal listening pleasure is the 5:14 “But Beautiful“… Bob’s vocal will convince you (whoever, wherever you are) that “you’re the one”, to be sure!  I’m even more impressed than I was on his debut album… ergo, Bob and his players get a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98 for this fine jazz vocal adventure!

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