Beautiful Brazilian jazz trio The Brazilian Trio – Águas Brasileiras

Beautiful Brazilian jazz trio The Brazilian Trio

Beautiful Brazilian jazz trio The Brazilian Trio – ÁGUAS BRASILEIRAS:  I’ve been acquainted with the beautiful Brazilian jazz this high-talent trio creates for you in oh-so-stunning ways for a long time now… you’ll hear Helio Alves playing piano, Nilson Matta on bass and Duduka Da Fonseca doing drums – of course, the best way is always to be able to actually watch them, so check them performing “Sampa 67” first…

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The 5:02 “Boogie Stop Shuffle” is the most unique performance of the Charles Mingus tune I have ever heard… absolutely stunning; this is a tune that jazz DJ’s everywhere will have on their favorites list for a long time to come!

Nilson’s original composition, “Baden“, keeps the action moving right on along in honor of Baden Powell, a famous acoustic guitarist from Brazil… you simply MUST listen to this song (and all the others, as well) with your headphones to get the full impact of the trio’s excellence and energy.

It is Duduka’s original, the 4:32 “Manhattan Style“, that captured my vote for personal favorite of the ten totally fascinating tunes offered up for our jazz joy… this is absolutely what “real jazz” is all about!

I give The Brazilian Trio a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this highly accomplished album.  Get more information on the Zoho Records page for the release.                       Rotcod Zzaj        

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