Ann Licater – Beyond The Waves

Relax into a soulful, musical journey with Beyond the Waves. This artfully-recorded collection of contemporary instrumental compositions by award-winning flutist Ann Licater, offers a fresh and pristine sound with influences of new age, jazz and world music. Silver, alto and wood flutes blend beautifully with piano, guitar, bass, percussion, violin and soft vocal layers creating a refreshing, “traveling meditation” for well-being. Perfect for relaxation, rejuvenation and inner-reflection. UPC: 190394247225

Ann Licater – BEYOND THE WAVES:  As long-term readers of this magazine know, I’ve been reviewing Ann’s work for a long, long time now… at least since 2010, and perhaps before that!  She has a splendid array of players joining her flute work on this release, including Arielle, Arnaé Batson, Dan Ferguson, David DiLullo, Peter Phippen, Scarlet Rivera (read this document to see more detail about the players on each of the tracks).   What makes Ann’s music so unique is that all the tunes are originals, something quite unusual for even the best of flutists… what you will hear (if you listen closely to each tune) is totally hers… her spirit, her originality and her advanced musical insight.  The percussion intro on “Island Garden” moves ever so smoothly into a halcyon for these ever so hectic days… you will also hear her true mastery in the art of “weaving/layering” sounds into a song on this wonderful tune.  The electric bass intro from Peter on “Shimmering Waters” melds perfectly in with the other instruments, and will paint memories of your own experiences ’round shores distant or close, I’ve no doubt.  Many other artists I’ve listened to over the years who are doing flute work can come across as pretentious, or distant, but Ann’s special talent is making sure you know where she’s coming from, and she does an excellent job of that on my personal favorite of the 12 originals offered up – “Halcyon Morning” – this song will give you hope for every day, and energy for the future we all share.  This music will both touch and thrill your inner core, and you won’t find any artist who is better at giving you the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation.   I give Ann and all her players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this most calming musical adventure.  Get more information about the release at Ann’s page for the album. Rotcod Zzaj

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