Absolutely scorching guitar originality Bobby Rozario – Spellbound

Absolutely scorching guitar originality Bobby Rozario – SPELLBOUND:  I seldom get “that” excited by a new album these days (I’ll be 77 next month, if the chemo don’t get me first, lol), but the absolutely scorching guitar originality that guitartist brings to this new album will have you RAWKin’ from the opening notes to the end of the 11 superb tunes offered up (think Santana at Woodstock – yeah, THAT KIND of excitement, people)… first, watch Bobby and his fellow players in the recording studio for the new album…

Heavy Latin and Afro-Latin rhythms will keep your ears, your feet and your heart fully engaged… you won’t be able to escape the tantalizing weave of Bobby’s music (not that you’d want to)!  Bobby’s magical guitar work is complimented by drums from Robby Ameen, bass by Melvin Gibbs and conga from Mauricio Herrera as well as stellar contributions from a totally amazing cast of other players that will make you glad you purchased this superb album.  You can pre-order the album on Bobby’s website.  Most highly recommended!  The street date for this release is 25 August, 2023.

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