Review: Jeff Richman – Sizzle

Jeff Richman – SIZZLE:  Jeff’s stellar guitar playing style falls (most comfortably) right in th’ groove betwixt jazz & rock… for some listeners, you’ll probably classify it as fusion… whatever label you try & attach, rest assured that as you listen to songs like the soaring 5:29 “Hangtown“, you’ll find your ears falling in love with his playing!

He has a splendid cast of musical characters playing with him (too long to itemize, so check his Republic of Jazz page for the player list)!  On “Sweet“, you’ll get a real feel for his talent… a most impressive jazz tune that truly ROCKS, to be sure – some KILLER sax on this one, too!  I didn’t know it (until reading the promo sheets), but this is actually his 17th release, so you’ve got aplenty to choose from!  If you’re looking for tuneage that’s just a bit more laid-back & in the “blues” arena, you’ll fall in love (immediately) with “Say It Ain’t So“… great guitar and some really nice string work supporting it.

Of the ten tunes offered up, though, it’s the closer, “Jimmy Palm“, that is my choice for personal favorite… just the right touch o’ phunk, and some righteously smooth keyboards going on throughout the closer… this is superbly written & executed that you’ll find yourself hitting “replay” on quite often (the high-energy “Hit Parade” came in as my second favorite)!  I give Jeff & crew a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this stellar-energy album.  Get more information at the aforementioned Republic of Jazz page.        Rotcod Zzaj