Joyful Latin jazz unequaled Alexandra Jackson – Legacy & Alchemy

Joyful Latin jazz unequaled Alexandra Jackson

Joyful Latin jazz unequaled Alexandra Jackson – LEGACY & ALCHEMY:  I’m going to say it right up FRONT, folks… I haven’t listened to a jazz album full of this much joy yet in 2018… as you listen to the high-spirited opener, “Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser” (All That You Could Be), you’ll hear why I say that… just superb vocals from Alexandra and high-talent players already have made this song my favorite of the year.

The official music video for “All One” allows you to “get to know” Alexandra, and watch several of the artists she has performing with her on this wonderful album…

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Though the music on this album is full of jubilant spirit, there are also tunes that protest some of the sad things in our world brought on by greedy corporations today… just listen to “Amazon Farewell“, and you’ll understand what I’m saying… a STRONG performance!

Alexandra’s performance (featuring Jesse Sadoc) on the classic “Girl From Ipanema” (the opener on the second CD of this double set) is so silky smooth, you won’t believe your ears…

…wasn’t that just lovely, folks?  This one will be getting lots of repeat action, to be sure!

Of the hour and a half worth of splendid Latin jazz offered up, though, it was easy to choose my personal favorite… it’s the closer on the second CD, “Brazilica“… that’s partially because it’s the longest song on the set, giving plenty of time for each player to express themselves fully… in the end-run, though, it’s because this tune is an absolute WINNER… I predict this one will win awards.

I give Alexandra and her many players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of a (perfect) 5.00 – meaning that this also get my “PICK” for “best Latin jazz album in 2018”!  Get more information about this fascinating artist on the Legacy & Alchemy website.          Rotcod Zzaj

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