Invitingly sultry jazz vocals Simone Kopmajer Terry Myers – Spotlight On Jazz

Invitingly sultry jazz vocals Simone Kopmajer Terry Myers

Invitingly sultry jazz vocals Simone Kopmajer Terry Myers – SPOTLIGHT ON JAZZ:  This is my first exposure to Austrian jazz vocalist Simone’s invitingly sultry work.. you don’t have to be a jazz collector to appreciate her magical style, and the best way to get to know that style is to watch her official video for the album…

…be sure to SUBSCRIBE to her YouTube channel, too; she has a LOT more work there for you to enjoy.

She chose an absolutely excellent cast of players to back her vocal work up, too… Terry Myers (tenor sax, clarinet), Paul Urbanek (piano), Martin Spitzer (guitar), Karl Sayer (bass), Reinhardt Winkler (drums)… you’ll recognize that high-talent and high-energy as soon as you spin the magnificent 6:46 “Poinciana“… Simone will easily wrap you into her spell, and make you oh-so-happy you got her album!

Terry’s sax on the opener, “Spotlights” (a Simone original), will have you spinning this tune over and over again… Simone’s vocal pacing on this one is perfect… I predict you’ll be hearing this on jazz radio playlists across the globe.

A Myers original, “We´re Goin’ In” is just about the swinginest jazz you’ll hear in 2018 – guaranteed… this one gets a permanent slot on my iPhone player, no doubt!

Simone penned my personal favorite of the fourteen high-end jazz pieces jointly with Karolin Tuerk… “Remember Jeannie” definitely hits the spot; it’s also the longest song on the album, so be sure and listen to this one with your headphones on so you can catch every little nuance!

I give Simone and her players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98 for this splendid jazz set.  Get more information on Simone’s website.          Rotcod Zzaj

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