Fresh creative jazz vocal excitement Johnaye Kendrick – Flying

Fresh creative jazz vocal excitement Johnaye Kendrick

Fresh creative jazz vocal excitement Johnaye Kendrick – FLYING:  When I say “fresh”, folks, I mean “new”, no doubt… Johnaye’s creative talent is on full display on her upcoming (August 28th, 2018 – samples aren’t quite ready yet; when I’m notified that the album has gone “hot”, I’ll come back and add them in) release… AND, her release party is just up the road from my abode, in Seattle, so I’ll be doing all I can to go and write a live show review of her singing wonderful tunes like the high-energy “Scorpion”… the percussion on the tune just “smokes” it, folks, and the vibe she projects brings the tune to life… loved this song!

The 4:22 “Never You Mind” is right up there among the most soulful vocal tunes I’ve listened to (yet) in 2018… this is one of those songs that you’ll find “stuck in your head” for days (or even months & years)… Johnaye will totally hypnotize you with her beautiful vocal on this totally exciting original.

I’m not positive, but I believe the video below of “It Could Happen To You” was recorded for the album… even if it was a different performance, it certainly gives you a nice feel for Johnaye’s elegant and exciting vocal style…

There are an even dozen songs offered up for your aural enjoyment, and it was easy to choose my personal favorite… “Secrets” is a jazz ballad that will stay you for the long term, and fully establishes her as one of the best jazz vocalists on the globe today.

I give Johnaye and her players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98 for her sophomore release.  Get more information on Johnaye’s FB page.         Rotcod Zzaj