Wonderfully nuanced jazz journey Axel Filip – El Equilibrio Secreto de Las Cosas


Wonderfully nuanced jazz journey Axel Filip – EL EQUILIBRIO SECRETO DE LAS COSAS:  This wonderfully nuanced jazz journey from Alex Filip (on drums, compositions and lyrics) and several other highly talented players (Mariana Iturri – voice;Sebastian Greschuk – trumpet;Camila Nebbia – tenor saxophone;Nicolas Boccanera – piano and Juan Bayon – contrabass) can be compared in some ways to the magical pieces on albums like “The Last Taxi“; particularly on piece like the album opener, “El olvido” (The Forgetfulness)… you can actually WATCH them performing this fantastic journey, too…

…I’m truly impressed, and I’m not that easy to please, especially when it comes to music that is right on the “edge” of creative genius; you will be, too, especially if you love a bit of “adventure” in your listening experience… be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Axel’s YouTube channel, so you can watch many other performances, too… I did.

Even shorter tunes like the 3:10 “Maebi” (sample isn’t live until the album releases officially) are absolute “cookers“… the interplay between keyboards, drums and reeds is JAMMED with energy, and is already one of my favorite new jazz performances (yet) in 2019; in fact, this one has already earned a permanent slot on my iPhone player – reserved only for the very best!

The wonderfully eclectic “Débiles operaciones del sueño” (roughly translated as Weak Sleep Operations) digs way down deep into your psyche, and brings you (ever so gently) to a state that’s right at the edge of the dreamland we all realize our most creative moments in…I particularly liked the saxophone work on this one.

The closer, “No me cascoteen el rancho” (Do Not Crush Me on the Ranch), with it’s floating melodies and fine sense of improvisation, is (without question) my personal favorite of the six aural adventures offered up for your jazz enjoyment… that could be, in part, because it’s the longest track (7:47), but I like to think it’s because these folks REALLY know how to explore, yet not get so far “out there” that it’s unintelligible to the listener… think Miles (yes, as in Davis, and YES, it’s that good)!

I give Axel and his musical partners a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with a perfect “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 5.00… which also means that this album gets my “PICK” for “best 21st Century jazz”.  You’ll find more information on Axel’s website.         Rotcod Zzaj

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