Wonderfully life illumining solo piano Brian Hagen – You’re The One

Wonderfully life illumining solo piano Brian Hagen

Wonderfully life illumining solo piano Brian Hagen – YOU’RE THE ONE:  What strikes me most favorably about Brian’s wonderful and life-illuminating solo piano works on this 14 November, 2018 release is his ability to “paint” emotions for the listener through his magical keyboard… in order for you to become better acquainted with his solid skills, I’d recommend that you watch this video clip from his January, 2017 “Whisperings” performance…

…there are only a few clips (right now) on Brian’s YouTube channel, but I expect there will be many more with this new album, so be sure you SUBSCRIBE to his channel.

This is Brian’s third release, and he’s certainly met his intent… “I intend for it to be something for the listener to really read their own life experiences into what they are hearing.”  The broad range of emotions he is able to convey via his keyboard will impress you and last for the long-term, especially on pieces like the wonderful 4:38 “Contemplation” (Mendelssohn)… there is no “gimmickry”, just heartfelt playing that reaches deep into your mind & soul.

Contrast that with the strongly blues-oriented “Lonesome Road“, and you’ll realize how much of a master Brian is… he really nailed it on this tune… this gets a “permanent placement” on my iPhone – something that doesn’t always happen… you can really feel him on this excellent song; if any solo piano piece merits consideration for an award – it is THIS ONE!

The joy you’ll hear Brian projecting on “Afternoon Waltz” will make it a winner, no doubt… it certainly impressed my ears… it’s a short cut (3:19), so you’ll find yourself hitting “replay” often.

Of the fourteen well-recorded tunes on this album, I found the 5:09 “Let It Flow” to be an easy pick for personal favorite… Brian’s laid-back style on the composition has much to do with why I liked it so well, but there’s also a “kinda’ bluesy” feel too…

I give Brian a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98 for this splendid solo piano adventure.  Get more information on Brian’s website.             Rotcod Zzaj

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