Vivacious vocal verve Donna Singer – Set Your Heart Free

Vivacious vocal verve Donna Singer –  SET YOUR HEART FREE:  When it comes to jazz vocals in our troubled times, I find that I enjoy them when they’re full of high spirit… it’s all there on this release, and as you listen to the vivacious vocal verve that Donna creates for you, you’ll be just as highly impressed as I was.  I didn’t see any LIVE videos there yet, but I’ll bet if you SUBSCRIBE to Donna’s YouTube channel, you’ll find some there soon.

I was actually acquainted with Donna’s stellar work, with my latest review having been for her “Destiny/Moment of Jazz” album a while back… on the new album, she performs tunes like the 3:24 “Why Should Kids Have All The Fun” at a full-tilt pace that will have you up & movin’ round the room in dance mode… DJ’s are going to LOVE this tune!

In addition to Donna’s superb vocals, you’ll hear Ranses Colon: bass; Brad Keller: piano; Adolfo Herrera: drums; Yamin Mustafa: trumpet Melton Mustafa Jr.: saxophones and Greg Minnick: guitar… if it’s “soulful” you’re in the mood for, you will totally dig down into Oren Levine’s tribute to the tragedy of school shootings… “How It Ends” it a tune you’ll be able to relate to.

It was the beautiful keyboards on “Spread your Wings” that made it my choice for personal favorite of the ten tunes Donna offers up… this song needs to be piped right  on into classrooms across the nation!

I give Donna and her players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98… get more information on Donna’s website.       Rotcod Zzaj

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