Valerie Romanoff soothing joyful chill Valerie Romanoff – Healing Music, Volume 2

Valerie Romanoff soothing joyful chill

Valerie Romanoff soothing joyful chill Valerie Romanoff – HEALING MUSIC, VOLUME 2:  What an amazing musical experience Valerie provides with this splendid album… her talent shimmers across the spectrum of world music, new age, jazz-rock and everything beautiful in between… just listen to the wonderful “Beyond The Bend“, and you’ll be captured by her high-talent and high-energy playing; the eight minute song (8:28, to be exact) rises in a most captivating fashion as it emerges… very, VERY highly impressive, folks, I’ll tell you.

Though it’s not from this album, the video below will show you just how captivating her guitar work is, and you’ll find yourself a fan for life, as did I…

…isn’t that stellar?  Many artists who do New Age and healing music only stay in “one groove”, but Valerie shines at whatever she does in the music arena… in fact, I’m asking the promoter to make sure I get all of her releases for review – I’m that impressed!

If your soul is seeking something more in the “still” mode, as Valerie calls it, you’re going to love the 6:57 “Moving Glass“… I just loved this one, because while it can be used for deep meditation, it also reaches deep down to the heart with simple, yet meaningful, lines.  Valerie’s world-class guitar and piano works are joined by Tom Rossi (flute, kora, percussion) and Stevin McNamara (sitar), and the results of their collaboration will make for your best “two-hour” album ever.

The song that got my (immediate) vote for personal favorite of the eighteen originals offered up, though, is the closer… the “still/chill” mix of “Pink Skies Full Suite” clocks in at 17:30, and is the ultimate in music that heals and helps your spirit to emerge in a manner you’ve never realized before.  I could easily see Valerie working with another musical friend of mine, Harlan Mark Vale, after listening to this glorious song (especially since Valerie lives part-time in Sedona, Arizona, close to where Mark hangs his hat these days).  Get more information about her at the Valerie Romanoff website.    If any song deserves an award – this is IT!

I give Valerie and her musical pals a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as well as a (perfect) “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 5.00… which means she also gets my “PICK” for “most diverse healing music album”.

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