Unpredictable fiery rock Bonzo Squad – There’s Always Tomorrow

Unpredictable fiery rock Bonzo Squad – THERE’S ALWAYS TOMORROW:  The main three words for this unpredictable fiery rock album from Bonzo Squad – “not long enough”… You’ll hear Corbin Andrick doing Reeds; Andrew Lawrence on Keys/Lasers; Andrew Vogt playing Bass/Pedals and Zack Marks – Drums… though I couldn’t find a specific YouTube page for the band, check out this (older) live video from the reedist…

…since you’re already there, SUBSCRIBE to Corbin’s YouTube channel, too.. I did (right away).

On the album, fresh tunes like the 6:48 “Remedy” will have you up on your feet (with your headphones on, of course) dancin’ ’round your living room like a maniac… this is definitely one of the highest energy songs I’ve reviewed in 2019… LOVE that bass!

Smaeshtag” is only 3:47, so you’ll be hitting “replay” often (or, just put it on LOOP)… their execution of high-end riffin’ is pure perfection… I predict that this tune will be getting some MAJOR airplay.

It was the 6:12 “iO” that got my vote for personal favorite of the seven tracks offered up for our aural adventure… solid composition, perfect pacing, and a mellow lead-in to one of the rockingest pieces of music you’ll ever listen to!

I give Bonzo Squad a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98.  Be sure to learn more about them on the Bonzo Squad website.             Rotcod Zzaj

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