Uniquely unfettered podcast Mike Senior and Jon Whitten – Project Studio Tea Break

Uniquely unfettered podcast Mike Senior and Jon Whitten

Uniquely unfettered podcast Mike Senior and Jon Whitten – PROJECT STUDIO TEA BREAK:  Though I’ve not been religious about podcastery, there were some during the early 21st Century that I enjoyed, like “Car Talk”… Mike and Jon give you a full hour of highly enjoyable opinion, sound snippets and quite valuable insights into various styles of music on “PSTB 35” (subtitled Audio umami, slam-dunking tubas, and the alien guitar womb).

I nearly cracked up as I listened to their diatribe about “press releases”… beat-boxing about as they discuss Rebecca Angel’s latest via an unsolicited PR from Lydia Sherwood and others; an absolute hoot!

On this episode (at least), there weren’t a tonne of sound snippets, but their back & forth in re: to “guitar noodlimen” (I think they invented that word), music reviews and other hopscotch about selected press releases will engage your brain to the point that you’ll quickly investigate how to check yourself in to the nearest insane asylum, lol.  They even rip Contemporary Fusion Reviews (and my original magazine, Improvijazzation Nation) to total shreds… the takeaway from that section, of course, is their declaration of my “genius”, lol.

Before you sit down to listen to the 59:53 show, though, be sure to pop the top on your favorite brewski, roll a toilet-paper-sized joint and put those headphones on tight ’round your ears… the show is an absolute roller-coaster of audio fun that is bound to offend everyone – I loved it!

I give PTSB a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98.  Be sure & visit them soon at the PTSB podbean.     Rotcod Zzaj

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