Totally engaging artistry Andrea Bacci – Mystic pre-release review

Totally engaging artistry Andrea Bacci – MYSTIC:  Every day is new and exciting when you receive music you haven’t heard before… Andrea’s totally engaging artistry will hold you spellbound.  This album releases tomorrow, 15 September, 2023, and Andrea’s talents will keep you listening (over and OVER again) to the beautiful music he creates… there aren’t sample videos up yet for the new release, but here’s a teaser from an earlier album (on Heart Dance records YouTube channel) that will give you a taste for his stunning abilities…

What Andrea is able to do that few others can achieve is to “pull” you into the emotions he expresses through his music… the 4:01 “Silky River” is a wonderful example of that, and I have no doubt you will enjoy it as much as I did.  You can actually feel the power of the water, and experience it’s twists and turns as you journey on with Andrea!

His own words on the promo sheet really hit home for me… “It is a personal and spontaneous project, a suggestion to give up our traumas, all the demons and obsessions haunting us and to go back to our original peace simply by
getting rid of the useless shells hiding us, by turning towards infinity to be finally able to enjoy the freedom of being our true selves.”

You can order your own copy of this precious sonic gem on Andrea’s Bandcamp page for the album, below (it’s MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me)…

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