Sultry soulful jazz vocals Lauren White – Ever Since The World Ended

Sultry soulful jazz vocals Lauren White

Sultry soulful jazz vocals Lauren White – EVER SINCE THE WORLD ENDED:  I’ve been a big fan of Lauren’s sultry soulful jazz vocals since I reviewed her “Life In The Modern World” release a couple years back.  As you’ll see when you watch her superb and well-produced video for the title track on the new album, “Ever Since The World Ended“, Lauren has a unique talent for showing folks a different viewpoint with her catchy vocals…

You got two for the price of one on that title track, too… Lauren is joined by Dolores Scozzesi on the penetrating view of how the virus has affected us all.  Lauren has lots more videos available, so be sure you SUBSCRIBE to her YouTube channel as well.

Lauren’s soulful vocals are complimented beautifully by her bandmates pianist Quinn Johnson, bassist Trey Henry and drummer Ray Brinker… their performance together on one of the loveliest jazz tunes I’ve heard (yet) in 2021, the high-energy “Take Love Easy“,  is excellent, and the tune has changes that even veteran jazz aficionados will be surprised by!

Jazz DJ’s across the globe will find Lauren’s performance of Bill Evans “Remembering The Rain” an “instant hit”, and will be plugging it into their playlists frequently.

It only took one listen through the CD to make my choice for personal favorite of the eight sweet tunes Lauren offers up… “Some Of That Sunshine” brightened my overcast Great Northwest morning… this song will be getting “replay” often here… Trey’s bass work on this song is just superb!

I give Lauren and all her bandmates a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98.  Get more information on Lauren’s website.   Rotcod Zzaj

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