Straight up friendly jazz 3D Jazz Trio – I Love To See You Smile

Straight up friendly jazz 3D Jazz Trio – I LOVE TO SEE YOU SMILE:  There’s always something better about jazz that’s performed by players who are pals… what truly sets this trio apart is that their music is straight up friendly jazz – the best kind… check out just how fantastic they are as they perform the album at the CD release concert at Blue House Live…

…though they didn’t have LIVE videos posted there, I still recommend you SUBSCRIBE to the 3D Jazz Trio topic channel (the album is there, too).

If “mellow”, laid-back & bluesy is your mood, you’re going to love their rendition of “Moonglow” (scroll down a bit to find the samples)… you’ll hear just how tight their playing is… this one is going to get some MASSIVE airplay!

The group (Jackie Warren – piano; Amy Shook – bass and Sherrie Maricle – drums) understands that variety is the key to a successful album, too… Jackie’s piano on the Latin-esque “Recado Bossa Nova” is just superb, and the song will give you visions of late nights and lots of cuba libre’s as you dance right there on your living room floor.

The opening title track, “I Love To See You Smile“, is high-energy and full of the joy of living life… this group has that KEY element of jazz right in their hands… FUN!

My personal favorite of the eight fine songs offered up is the rootin’-tootin’ boogie-based “Back At The Chicken Shack“… it’s full-tilt all the way & brings back many pleasant memories for me.

I give the 3D Jazz Trio a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98 for this superb album… get more information on the 3D Jazz Trio website.                                                   Rotcod Zzaj

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