Sleep Science provocative rock video Sleep Science – Sounds of the Underground video critique

Sleep Science provocative rock video

Sleep Science provocative rock video Sleep Science – SOUNDS OF THE UNDERGROUND VIDEO CRITIQUE: This most interesting band from Vancouver, BC, features some high-energy players, to be sure… Vocalist/guitarist Taylor Nichol, bassist Dan Lomanaco and drummer Alex Moscrip all work together in this short video to capture your ears (not to mention your mind, heart & sould) with their haunting words and music…

Though I write a lot (& I do mean a LOT) about jazz & blues in these pages, I started off listening to (& to some degree, playing) rock right alongside German and British rockers (in Frankfurt, Germany, way back in the mid-’60’s)… the spirit that Sleep Science plays with, and more importantly, the lyrics they’ve crafted for this short video (it’s only 3:56), take me right back to those early days – when ALL of us were protesting the “machine”, & the way it tried to pigeonhole us into corners that “the man” wanted us to exist in – & the band does it very effectively!  Production on the video is excellent, and I loved the way their words are seamlessly woven into the content.

There’s no doubt this band will be getting a TON of plays for this video… be sure to LIKE their YouTube channel – I did – & also visit their website to learn more about this fine band… their video gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) of 4.98.         Rotcod Zzaj