Sean Noonan amazing storyteller jazz Sean Noonan – The Aqua Diva

Sean Noonan amazing storyteller jazz

Sean Noonan amazing storyteller jazz Sean Noonan – THE AQUA DIVA:  Drummer Sean reveals some unique vocal skills as he tells stories you’ve certainly never heard before on his highly entertaining 10-song release (set to hit the street on 1 June 2018)… as you listen to the title track, “The Aqua Diva” (the only song available right now… when it goes hot on Amazon, I’ll come back & add the sample links in), you’ll be quite amazed at his ability to wrap you deeply into his story, in a setting that sounds much like the carnival tents I used to frequent… his musical partners Alex Marcelo on piano and Peter Bitenc doing bass compliment his drum work very nicely on this piece.

Although the clip below is not the same group of players, it is from a live performance by Sean in 2014, and of all the vids on his channel, I thought this one really showed his drumming and performance skills…

If you’re looking for original songfare that combines many styles (jazz, blues & even a splash of R&R), you’re gonna’ love “As the World Spins Around Me”… the recording is crystal clear, and the emphasis on this one seems to be on the playing more than on the vocal storytelling… a perfect addition to your jazz playlists!

Of the ten songs Sean & his mates make available for your listening pleasure, it is clearly “Where would I go” that was an easy pick for my personal favorite… Sean masterfully weaves strains of the traditional “Poor Wayfaring Stranger” into the song, yet manages to keep it uniquely his own.  Highly creative work, to be sure.

I give Sean and his group a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98 for this highly entertaining and “different” jazz release.  Get more information about this very creative artist at Sean’s website.         Rotcod Zzaj