Piano freedom unleashed Masako – Wanderlust

Piano freedom unleashed Masako

Piano freedom unleashed Masako – WANDERLUST:  We all experience urges to travel sometimes… on pianist Masako’s engaging new release, she takes you on a sonic tour of piano freedom unleashed… to get an intimate feel for the magic she creates, I (most strongly) suggest that you watch the video created for her song called “Forestology” from the album…

The lush scenery is beautiful, of course, but it’s really Masako’s boundless energy for “playing beauty” that makes the message so strong for you, the listener… if you enjoyed that, I believe you’ll want to SUBSCRIBE to Masako’s YouTube channel, where you’ll be able to enjoy all of her exciting videos and performances.

Though I don’t remember it, my visits to my grandfather’s home in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont many years ago make the imagery Masako paints for you on “Lake Willoughby” bring back sweet memories of my times there.

The rich string introduction to the 4:34  “Aquifer” just seems to naturally meld into Masako’s cascading keyboard, easily bringing to mind the flow of streams over rock we’ve all witnessed the calmness and beauty of… I have no doubt that this song will be recommended for (and WIN) an award!

Though it’s the shortest song on the album, the opener, “Lily of the Valley“, clearly demonstrates an ability for “pacing” that few other artists can lay claim to… Masako’s piano is crisp but gentle on this marvelous performance.

My choice for personal favorite of the eleven exciting performances Masako recorded at Will Ackerman’s studios in Vermont was clear on my second run through the album… the 7:18 “Ocean and You” gives you a total immersive experience that you will never forget, and will find yourself coming back to frequently.  The recording is pure perfection, and the players are deeply engaged in providing the kind of aural pleasure that only true piano mastery can provide!

I give Masako and all the artists who contribute to this wonderful album a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99.  You can learn more about that album, and purchase it direct from the artist on Masako’s page for the release.                           Rotcod Zzaj

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