* peterkater solo piano a432 * Peter Kater – Dancing On Water

* peterkater solo piano a432 *

* peterkater solo piano a432 * Peter Kater – DANCING ON WATER:  There are only a few things in my life that get me stirred to the point that I will drop whatever I’m doing… one of those events is any new work from Peter… as you listen to his marvelous and full-bodied solo piano playing on “Rainfall To Rivers(when it becomes available on Amazon, the link will work; the scheduled release date is September, 2017), you will understand why… the overtones he pulls out of his piano on this song are simply amazing.  He made note in the liners of the fact that he has his instrument tuned to A432 hz, which definitely makes a marked difference for your listening experience… it seems to pull in the most pleasant vibrations of the universe, and “reaches” your heart and soul more readily; since I’m not “technically inclined”, I wasn’t familiar with this discussion, but it does make a difference!

I have reviewed a great deal of Peter’s work, most recently his “Love” album, and this new release offers up even more power than that release; this may be in part because the pieces on “Dancing On Water” are improvised for individuals that he is focusing on… one of the most beautiful piano works I’ve heard over the last five years is the 7:11 “Incandescent Voyage“… again, the overtones are in the realm of cosmic, but I believe it is his masterful “pacing” that yields so much power on this great song… it’s certainly a piece that other pianists will use to inspire them to greater achievement in their own playing.

I have no doubt that this stunning album will be nominated for (numerous) awards, as many of his previous releases have been, and one of the songs (my personal favorite from this ten-song journey), “Timeless Sojourn“, certainly merits a win… with all that said, though, it will be the listeners who get rewarded by listening to this totally engaging exposure to Peter’s soul.  I give him a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of (a perfect) 5.00 for this most eloquent journey in beauty; that means it gets my “PICK” for “most inspiring piano album”.  More information will be available at Peter’s website as the album gets closer to release – it’s currently scheduled for release on 1 September, 2017. 

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