Mighty hip swinging jazz Rob Ryndak Tom Lockwood feat. Brian Lynch – Gratitude

Mighty hip swinging jazz Rob Ryndak Tom Lockwood

Mighty hip swinging jazz Rob Ryndak Tom Lockwood feat. Brian Lynch – GRATITUDE:  The originals that pianist/percussionist Rob & and reedman Tom present on this mighty hip & swinging jazz release provide the ultimate pleasure for your ears, to be sure…. just check out the “git-down” energy on Tom’s original, “Jackie McFunk“…there’s (absolutely) NO doubt in my mind that this track will be getting MAJOR airplay on jazz stations ’round the globe, folks!

This splendid album doesn’t release (officially) until 7 June, 2019, so you won’t find it on YouTube yet, but I strongly advise you to SUBSCRIBE to Rob’s channel, where you can find earlier upbeat performances like this one…

…of course, I do HOPE that Rob will post some LIVE performances from this album on his channel (hint! hint!).

For some mighty mellow keyboard work, scope out “Two Against“, a superbly crafted and executed tune that will hold your ears spellbound… I just loved Rob’s piano on this piece… well-recorded and full of LIFE!

The title track, “Gratitude“, uses some very well-played vibes to give you a very laid-back listening experience… ultra-cool, to be sure.

Of the dozen tunes offered up for your jazz pleasure, it was easy to choose my personal favorite… the 5:20 “Dwelling In The Present” has some of the sweetest reed work you will hear in 2019… just what you want your jazz to be.

I give Rob & Tom a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this stunning jazz adventure.  Get more information on the Pacific Coast Jazz label site as soon as it becomes available.

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