Marvelously reflective musical wonders Ananta Govinda – Mirror of Desire

Marvelously reflective musical wonders Ananta Govinda – MIRROR OF DESIRE:   There’s really only one word to describe the marvelously reflective musical wonders that spiritual musician Ananta creates for you on this upcoming album – AMAZING!  I’m including one of his (far) earlier videos to give you some insight to his exceptional multimedia perfection…

…to enjoy MANY more of his creations, be sure you SUBSCRIBE to the Ananta Govinda YouTube channel… I did it right away and will be spending many hours there.

Though the music will be available on 28 August, 2020, you won’t find samples yet, because the official release (with a full booklet) won’t be until October, 2020… the talent involved in the project is superb… Sylvia Massy, production and mixing; Will Calhoun on drums and percussion; Lili Haydn on violin and vocals; saxophonist Scott Page; Ayaan Ali Khan on sarod, Alex Liapin; Ben Leinbach, Nahuel Bronzini and reggae hitmakers Indubious… mixed by engineer Thomas Juth, and mastered by Nicolas Essig… as I listen to “Golden Goddess”, I hear (and see) influences from CSNY, though the energy flow is more “21st Century”, I’d say… this tune will be getting some MASSIVE airplay, I believe!

There are mind-bending harmonics on the wonderful “River of Time”… the blending of multilayered guitars with new dimensions of vocal mastery makes this a performance you will find yourself listening to over and over (and OVER) again.

“Self Writing Book” gives new meaning to the density and diversity of life and the Karma that drives it on to higher planes… superb percussion, vocals and lyrics make this magical sonic journey one that (I predict) will WIN awards!

There was no question in my mind about my choice for personal favorite of the eight amazing performances on this album… the title track, “Mirror of Desire”, will help you to see hope (even in these troubled times) through a better and clearer version of yourself… a stunning and revealing composition.

I give Ananta Govinda and the players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this beautiful album.  Get more information on the Mirror of Desire page.                                      Rotcod Zzaj

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