Jolting inspiring jazz fury Arturo O’Farrill and The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra – Four Questions

Jolting inspiring jazz fury Arturo O’Farrill and The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra – FOUR QUESTIONS:   What’s most striking about this April, 2020, release from jazz pianist extraordinaire Arturo O’Farrill is that it’s his first release with ALL-originals… he’s been reviewed many times in our publications, most recently in issue # 163.  The player list is far too long to itemize here, but you can view it on the ZoHo page for the album.   I didn’t see any LIVE videos from this album, but you will find a WEALTH of live performances when you SUBSCRIBE to Arturo’s YouTube channel… I did.

The questions from W.E.B. Dubois that formed the basis for Arturo’s compositions, but on songs like the 9:31 “Jazz Twins” (samples not available yet), Arturo’s deep friendship with Arnold and Donald Stanley gives you an intimate look at what life can give you when you form lifelong relationships… Arturo’s piano lead lines on this tune will make it an “instant hit” with jazz DJ’s around the globe… a MUST-HAVE for the true jazz fan!

The closer, “A Still, Small Voice”, features some absolutely brilliant choir and vocal work that melds seamlessly into one of the most powerful jazz adventures you will ever listen to… it’s certainly “not what you were expecting”, and will give you hope for the future in these troubled times.

Of the eight masterful compositions Arturo offers up for your jazz joy, I found “Clump, Unclump” to be my choice for personal favorite… the changes in this piece are absolutely VIBRANT; you’ll find yourself listening to this masterpiece over and over again!

I give Arturo and his bandmates a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99.  Get more information about the release on the ZohoMusic page for the album.              Rotcod Zzaj

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he Jazz Twins


Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews
Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews
Dick Metcalf (aka Rotcod Zzaj) is a globe-hopping musician and poet who spent many years roving the world until he finally settled in his current abode, Lacey, Washington... just down the road from Seattle. He started IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION magazine in 1990 (still being published), and Contemporary Fusion Reviews magazine in 2016. He also was a keyboard player & singer for many years... you can hear (and download for free) many of those works at his "Internet Archive Collection". If you'd like to support our efforts and get something in return, there are also a few of these albums for sale on the Rotcod Zzaj BandCamp site"

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