Intricate chamber orchestra vocals Cathy Segal-Garcia – The Jazz Chamber

Intricate chamber orchestra vocals Cathy Segal-Garcia

Intricate chamber orchestra vocals Cathy Segal-Garcia – THE JAZZ CHAMBER:  When I reviewed Cathy’s wonderful vocal work for her In2uition CD, it was clear that her work was far above the “norm”… on this new May, 2018 release, she creates even more exciting vocals, in combination with an intricate chamber orchestra… all that’s necessary is that you listen to this (at least for the first sitting) with your headphones on… try it with the 4:55 “Vehlo Piano” – you’ll instantly be a believer in the magic Cathy is able to create for you!

To get an even better feel for Cathy’s creation (in her own words), I strongly recommend that you watch the following promotional video for the CD…

…she has really assembled a magical set of players, many of whom have been reviewed in our pages before…

The recording quality is top-of-the-line, but (as I said before), it requires close attention, so you can absorb all the wonderful interactions that this “chamber orchestra” make come to life for you… and, yet, it’s still JAZZ… if you don’t think that’s possible, just listen to “High Trapeze“… you will be flying high as you listen to this tune, I’ll guarantee it.

One of my all-time favorite jazz albums is “Swiss Movement” by Les McCann and Eddie Harris… Cathy’s astounding performance of “Compared To What” clocks in at 9:56, and (dare I say it) packs even more punch than the original… it’s definitely my personal favorite of the ten (long) pieces Cathy offers up for your aural enjoyment (arranged by Bevan Manson).  Cathy’s work may be a challenge for some listeners, but it is worth every minute!  I was simply blown away!

I give Cathy and her players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this amazing album.  Get more information on Cathy’s website.           Rotcod Zzaj


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