Inspiring contemporary classical jazz Sound Liberation – Let’s Save The World Suite

Inspiring contemporary classical jazz Sound Liberation

Inspiring contemporary classical jazz Sound Liberation – LET’S SAVE THE WORLD SUITE:  It’s been a while since I reviewed Gene Pritsker’s Sound Liberation “Rite Through An Eclectic Spectrum“, which got high marks.  On their new release, you’ll hear some of the most inspiring contemporary classical jazz on the planet today… first, I (most strongly) recommend that you watch the Prelude video from the suite…

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On “There Is Not Enough Pain“, I truly enjoyed the cast of players… Paul Carlon – alto sax; Franz Hackl – trumpet; Gene Pritsker – electric guitar; Jose Moura – electric bass; Joe Abba – drum set (live concert) Damien Bassman (on album) and Erik T. Johnson – narrator…. Paul’s sax just KICKS, and Gene’s guitar solos are absolutely amazing on this performance!

I’ve been a spoken-word fan ever since I dabbled with it back in the late ’90’s, and “We Don’t Have Time Left” is a prime example of why it’s still one of my favorite art forms… excellent words and high energy playing make this tune a true winner.

As soon as I heard the bass intro for “Or Pretend To Beauty“, I knew it would be my choice for personal favorite of the 7-song suite.  Superb horn-work and odd rhythm twists make it an absolutely unique tune!

I give Sound Liberation a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this excellent album.  Get more information on Gene’s Spotify site as it becomes available.                         Rotcod Zzaj

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