Insightful revealing interview Faith Angelina

Insightful revealing interview Faith Angelina
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Insightful revealing interview Faith Angelina – Most of you know by now that I have been working with this young piano magician for a couple of years now… I was speaking with her dad a couple months back, and suggested that in light of her upcoming album, “Notes From Zion“, we should do a live interview… kind of bring her personality to the wider audience, so they can begin to know her better… the rather long interview video that was captured a couple of weeks ago offers great insights and revelations into her talent and drive… enjoy!

I’m sure you noticed how “animated” Faith’s hands were… expressive and fully charged for the future, aye?  I’ve watched many artists who were just starting their careers, and I can promise you that Faith’s musical journey is only in the very beginning stages… keep your ears tuned for her wonderful and exciting music!

Also, my thanks to Faith for agreeing to do this interview… I think it will mean a lot to her rapidly growing audience.  To see many more videos of her creations, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to her YouTube channel, and visit her new website.       Rotcod Zzaj


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