Inner World landscapes Gary Schmidt – Afterthoughts new release review

Inner World landscapes Gary Schmidt – AFTERTHOUGHTS:  I’ve been reviewing Gary’s wonderful piano compositions since at least 2018 (Even For A Moment), and find this new release full of the vitality of inner world landscapes that he’s able to create for our ears.  First, I (most strongly) recommend that you watch Gary and cellist Hannah Alkire on the beautiful “Ancient Time Telling“…

You’ll find a LOT more videos to enjoy when you SUBSCRIBE to Gary’s YouTube channel (I’ve been there for years now).  All the way from classical to Beatles – very refreshing.

Many times you’ll find that piano albums contain long (and sometimes tiring) versions of songs… Gary always has pieces that will hold your interest without “belaboring the point“… a perfect example is the 2:42 “Ellen’s Song“, one of my favorite piano songs in 2023!

Gary’s new album, officially to release on 22 September, 2023, will be a most welcome addition to your collection… you can also pre-order it at Gary’s Bandcamp page for the album, below… this gets an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 from me, and certainly merits a longer review for contemporary instrumental albums.

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