Highly impressive variety Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV – Bongo Boy TV Ep1 Season 10

Tastefully tantalizing music TV Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV

Highly impressive variety Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV – BONGO BOY TV EP1 SEASON 10:  I don’t care what you might think, music is still WIDE-ALIVE and full of highly impressive variety at Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV as we enter 2021.  I (most STRONGLY) recommend you go there (like NOW, peeps) & scope their welcome to 2021..

What really sets Bongo Boy TV apart from all the others is the production quality of the videos they put together for their shows… you’ll see that as soon as you watch the opener on the show, “Communion” from the group Makes My Blood Dance… they start in H-O-T & stay that way for the entire song – I especially enjoyed the skydiving sequences on this one!

ADIV’s “Blue Gene” takes the show in a whole different direction, with soul-filled feelings just “oozing” from his lyrics… fans of music video with true glamour will be playing this track over & over again.

For me, though, the most stunning video in the 7-song collection is “X File 8675309”, from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin’s AV Super Sunshine… a timeless tale of science fiction intrigue and alien influence… you’ll find yourself totally addicted to this well-produced video!

I give Bongo Boy TV a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98 for this forward-looking and inspiring video collection.  You can also SUBMIT your own video/music to them via submit@bongoboyrecords.com     Rotcod Zzaj

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