Happy adventurous compassionate world flute Monica Williams – Within Us All

Happy adventurous compassionate world flute Monica Williams

Happy adventurous compassionate world flute Monica Williams – WITHIN US ALL:  Monica’s happy, adventurous and compassionate flute compositions are complemented wonderfully by guest players Lynn Tredeau – piano; Sherry Finzer – bass flute; Michael Kent Smith – guitar; Will Clipman – percussion, and John Herrera – synths & creative… I reviewed her breathtaking “Journey Of Tears” album last year, and was totally impressed with her powerful playing.  The best way (always) to get a taste of her power, watch the YouTube trailer for the opening track, “You Are Compassionate“…

…a truly impressive video; I particularly enjoyed the sequence with the homeless gent… if you SUBSCRIBE to Monica’s topic channel on YouTube, you’ll find many of her previous albums available for your aural enjoyment.

Monica’s students at Civic Arts Education (Walnut Creek, CA) are lucky to have a masterful player like her sharing skills with them… if we had more music like “You Are Happiness” piped into our schools, the world would be a much better place… I just loved the guitar/flute interaction on this quite calming performance, and have no doubt you will, too!

The synth-washes on the introduction to the 5:40 “You Are Memorable” make you feel like you are moving through a stellar light show… the flutes and percussion will totally engage your ears… be SURE to listen to this one with your headphones on, so you can catch all the little nuances.

I mentioned the projection of POWER through music, a skill that many other player will envy in Monica’s playing… that is perfectly illustrated on my selection for personal favorite of the nine (long) performances she offers up for your sonic journey… “You Are Resilience” will (definitely) help you overcome any feelings of powerlessness, and help you rise to new heights… I believe this piece will be recommended for an award – and WIN it!

I give Monica and her exquisite players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this breathtaking album.  Get more information at Monica’s website.          Rotcod Zzaj

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