Gracious sonic gifts Christel Veraart – Pleiades

Gracious sonic gifts Christel Veraart

Gracious sonic gifts Christel Veraart – PLEIADES:   What you will realize on your very first listen to Christel’s highly enchanting and rewarding album is that she is using her extensive travel around the globe to reward you with gracious sonic gifts… to hear her explain her music in her own words, watch the video she created to do just that…

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Christel’s total talent brings brand-new perspectives to ambient music… her stunning vocal work will reach down deep inside of you and touch your heart… this is especially pertinent on songs like the beautiful “Asterope“… in addition to her spiritually moving vocals, she also uses duduk, percussion, harp, strings, piano, Dizi flute, tibetan bowls and miscellaneous ambient sound effects to enhance your experience and perception of universal truths available to us all.  If any song should be considered for an award, it is this one!

The celestial voices and pertinent percussion Christel weaves into “Alcyone” make the performance shine brilliantly, and will hold you spellbound for the entire 5:32 length… she is truly a wizard who knows just how to “pace” the song; I absolutely LOVE the way she weaves so many instruments in, through and around her shimmering vocal… New Age and Ambient DJ’s will be playlisting this tune frequently, I predict.

The string weaves Christel uses on “Merope” on the introduction segues ever so beautifully into a vocal performance that will reach right down inside and grasp your soul… a perfect tribute to the Seven Sisters of Pleiades!

After listening through the album once, it was easy to make my choice for personal favorite… “Celaeno” will take you all 430 light years beyond our Sun… due to the length of the piece (12:11), you will experience some of the darkness first, but as it progresses, hope for the future emerges through Christel’s magical music of the spheres.

I give Christel a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98 for this absolutely exciting aural adventure.  To get more information as it becomes available, visit Christel’s website.                           Rotcod Zzaj

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