Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can I get a SINGLE, EP or VIDEO reviewed in your magazine?

We only recently began doing SINGLE, EP and VIDEO reviews.  The first thing to note is that NOT every single, EP or video submitted will get a review… ONLY those that I choose from your submissions.  Be SURE to submit only your BEST work… genre doesn’t matter, only your ENERGY for performing.  NOTHING that is (what I deem to be) hurtful to other persons will be chosen for review (I have a very open mind, but am not into “bashing” of any sort)!

To submit, send an email to with a LINK to your SINGLE or VIDEO (if you do NOT send a link, your email will be ignored)… if I elect to review it, I will email you back and tell you how/where to submit your contribution.  See our “Ads and Pricing” page to get the details, as well as our other options

Do I have to pay to get a review from you now?

Absolutely NOT!  You can still get a review on our sister magazine, IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION, without any fees.

Will my music be given a “lower quality” review if I don’t pay to have it published in Contemporary Fusion Reviews?

An emphatic NO!  You can ask any of the artists, or the promoters… we review all music we place in our REVIEW QUEUE with equal intensity and energy!

Why do I have to contribute/pay for a review?

You aren’t actually contributing/paying for the review… you are contributing/paying for one or two reasons:

You want to contribute to our efforts, and you have music that you would like to get reviewed.
You have an album release that is coming very soon, and you want an “expedited” review.
You want your new album “featured”, with the cover art and the review at the very top of our pages.

How do I get a review in Contemporary Fusion Reviews?

Visit our “Ads and Pricing” page; select the plan you want, fill in the CONTACT form and click SEND.  We will get back in touch with you right away, and give you details about how to sign up with us!

How long does it take before my expedited review appears in Contemporary Fusion Reviews?

Usually no more than 5 working days from receipt of your contribution/payment.

If you have any questions that aren’t showing up here, feel free to add your question in the comments section below, or contact me via email to, or send a PM to me on my FB page.  And, if you don’t mind, please LIKE us and SHARE word about us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and all the other places by clicking the appropriate buttons